Welcome To Fort Washington State Park Disc Golf Course!

Originally built in 2004 as an eagle scout project, the Fort Washington State Park Disc Golf Course had a wacky design with posts not baskets, teepads that might as well have be made of marbles, walking path unfairways and the densest, most punishing rough around.  It had basically sat there neglected and almost unplayed ever since it was put in.

Now that baskets are in there are A LOT of thankful disc golfers.  The new course has a fun design and will be accessible to players of all levels.  A local high school just added Disc Golf as a gym class option, we think it would go a long way towards growing the sport if they had a real course to play on!

As someone who lives close by, I love the fact that I can go to the course, throw a quick 9, and be back home in less time than it takes to get to any other course.  

Stay tuned and more to come!

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